Oguz district is located in the Shaki — Zagatala economic region, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus . In the northern part of the district, southern slopes of the Main Caucasian Range are separated into the central part of the Ganikh-Eyrichay valley, and the lower reaches of the Acinohur lowland in the south. The main Caucasian line is divided into two branches: Qazdağ, Qaynararhac, Fiy and Ghoshunkar (Çaldaş, 3468 m). The maximum altitude is 3879 m (Malukud d.). In the north of the district, Jura and Tabasir aged sediments, in the central and southern parts of the Anthropogenic and partly Neogenic sediments. There are gravel reserves and mineral springs.

Less than half of the district territory is covered with grassy mules . There are many waterfalls , sulfur and thermal water springs . The fauna of the district is represented by hare , bear , mountain goat , boar , pheasant , thicket , gas , as well as som and forel fish. There are various fruit and berries in the region — walnuts , hazelnuts , apples , pears , cranberries , hawthorn , cherry ,cherry , currant and raspberry grow.

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